Cemetery Fees

Town Announces Changes to Cemetery Ordinance
Effective 08-01-2014

Changes to the Cemetery Ordinance were made due to the difficulty Town staff was having in mowing and maintaining the cemetery. One of the problems was due to deteriorating natural and artificial flower arrangements coming apart and littering the grounds. The other issue was the placement of various items on the grave itself which made mowing and trimming time consuming and hazardous for Town staff. These items also caused damage to Town equipment. The Town asks that you remove deteriorated or unsightly floral arrangements in a timely manner. We also ask that any items noted in 13-8 (d-e) are taken off grave sites before August 1, 2014. After this date, deteriorated floral arrangements and any unapproved items will be removed from grave sites without prior notice. The specific changes approved by the Stoneville Town Council on May 6, 2014 are noted below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at Town Hall if you have any questions regarding these new rules. Thank you for helping the Town keep the cemetery beautiful.

Ken Gamble - Town Manager