Town of Stoneville, NC

Historic Downtown Façade Improvement Grant

Stoneville DowntownPurpose: To provide property owners and lessees an economic incentive to undertake thoughtful façade improvements in downtown Stoneville. The grants will encourage projects that respect the architectural integrity and unique historic character of the building.

Eligibility:  For any owner or tenant of a building located within the Stoneville Downtown District (SDD), who intends to retain ownership or occupancy for a minimum of two years. The SDD is defined by the following roads and boundaries. SDD extends north and south on Henry Street from Golden Eagle Drive to the north side of 200–A North Henry Street. SDD extends east and west on Main Street (Hwy 770) from the east side of 101 West Main Street to the east side of 200 East Main Street. Tenants must have written permission of the property owner prior to submitting a funding request. Any building having previously been improved with the help of a Façade Improvement Grant must wait a minimum of one (1) year before reapplying. Exceptions to this rule may be considered if one or more of the following circumstances have occurred: change in ownership or use of the structure or other situations that the DSCWG may deem appropriate to consider.

Please consult the linked application for more information.

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