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Friendship Park Mural Commissioned for 20th Anniversary of Tornado

January 30, 2019

The Town Council approved the final mural design for Friendship Park at Main Street and Henry Street during their meeting on August 14, 2018. The mural is in remembrance of the devastating F3 tornado that struck Stoneville on March 20, 1998 causing 34 million in damages along its 12 mile path of destruction and tragically ending the lives of 3rd Grade teacher Beth Mitchell and Powell Hickman. The mural is a project of the Downtown Core Group, a team of volunteers dedicated to promoting downtown Stoneville. The Core Group has worked on many downtown development projects including downtown banners, establishing a façade improvement grant with the Town of Stoneville, a downtown to park pedestrian trail and rebranding.

The mural design process began early this year. Local artist, downtown Stoneville business owner and Core Group member Brandon Hardison brought the design to life. The mural is based on a postcard design. It features the Town’s new branding tag line “Welcome Home” above STONEVILLE. Each letter represents an important thread in the fabric of our community. “S” pictures a family enjoying nature. “T” shows the town clock in Friendship Park and the hands are stopped at 3:25 p.m., the time the tornado touched down in 1998. “O” and “N” show the old train depot which was one of many historic buildings destroyed by the tornado. “E” and “V” depicts the tobacco that was the heart and soul of the old agrarian economy. “I” and “L” proudly represents the Stoneville Eagles of Stoneville High School. “L” and “E” pictures a locomotive and recognizes the importance of the railroad in the development and future of the Town.

The mural is almost complete and Brandon can be seen on sunny days diligently adding the final artistic touches to the work of art. The total cost of the project will be $5000. The Town has committed $2500 in Façade Grant program money, the Stoneville Rotary Club has promised $1500. Boy Scout Troop 566 donated $400 and Southern Finishing donated $500.

Friendship Mural

Friendship Mural

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