Town of Stoneville, NC

Limb & Brush Collection

Limb and Brush Pick-Up

  • Limb and brush pick-up is a FREE service the Town provides to all residential properties in the Town limits.
  • Normally brush and limb pick-up occurs every other week during the same week that Waste Management collects recycling. This is subject to change due to inclement weather or when Town staff is needed to deliver higher priority services that the Town of Stoneville provides to the community.
  • The Town WILL NOT pick up any limbs or brush that are over 4 feet long or 2 inches in diameter. This includes limbs and brush that exceed the size limit, but are mixed with smaller pieces.
  • Town staff will not separate limbs and brush that exceed the size limit from limbs and brush that do not. The resident is responsible for ensuring that all limbs and brush put out for pick-up do not exceed the size limits.
  • Limbs and brush generated by contractors or lawn and tree services WILL NOT be picked-up. Residents should negotiate the cost of removing limbs and brush from their property as a part of the cost of employing a contractor, lawn or tree service.
  • Town staff will leave a door hanger at a residence when they are unable to pick up limbs or brush. The hanger will indicate the reason the limbs / brush were not picked up. Once the problem is corrected the resident may call Town Hall to schedule a pick-up.

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