Town of Stoneville, NC


The Town of Stoneville operates a scenic municipal cemetery near the historic downtown. Many generations of Stoneville families and loved ones have been laid to rest here. Individual and family plots as well as mausoleum spaces are available. Please contact Town Hall at 336-573-9393 with any questions.



(A)   No person may plant, prune, or remove any tree, shrub, flower, grass or other plant of any kind except with the consent of and in accordance with the directions of the Cemetery Administrator.

(B)   The Cemetery Administrator or designee may enter any lot and remove or trim any tree, shrub or any other plant that encroaches upon any other lot or any walkway, driveway or other part of the cemetery.

(C)   The Cemetery Administrator or designee may remove from the cemetery all floral designs and flowers (natural or artificial), weeds or plants of any kind from the cemetery as soon as they deteriorate or otherwise become unsightly.

(D)   No trinkets, toys, shells, pickle jars, tin cans, sand, rocks or anything, which in the opinion of the Cemetery Administrator is unsightly, will be allowed on any lot or single grave and all such articles, materials and things will be removed without notice and the town shall not be responsible for the loss or destruction of same.

(E)   No person shall place or caused to be placed on any lot in the cemetery any stone, planting or obstacle other than markers, monuments, headstones or footstones allowed in § 92.35.

(Ord. passed 6-3-2014)

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