Town of Stoneville, NC


Stoneville Fire Department

SFD Fire Fighters

The Stoneville Fire Department is a 24 hour volunteer service augmented by part-time fire fighters who provide coverage 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Our dedicated members deliver a variety of emergency services including fire suppression, vehicle extraction and emergency medical treatment. SFD also delivers educational programs at Stoneville Elementary School. Our volunteers and part-time staff serve a fire district that extends well past the Stoneville municipal limits. Operations are funded primarily through a Fire Protection Tax and grants. A 2₵ property tax and $5.00 municipal vehicle tax passed in 2016 funds the salaries of our part-time staff.

SFD Leadership Team

SFD Chief Tim BrownChief Tim Brown

SFD Deputy Chief David WatkinsDeputy Chief David Watkins

SFD Assistant Chief Ricky CraddockAssistant Chief Ricky Craddock

SFD Assistant Chief Barry SmithAssistant Chief Barry Smith

SFD Captain Craig RobersonCaptain Craig Roberson

SFD Captain James PulliamCaptain James Pulliam

SFD Lieutenant Charles MassesyLieutenant Charles Massey

SFD Lieutenant Joel FreemanLieutenant Joel Freeman

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SFD Locker

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