Town of Stoneville, NC


Mayor - Kathy Stanley-Galvan

Mayor – Kathy Stanley-Galvan

Let me start by saying how proud I am to be a citizen of the Town of Stoneville.  Secondly, I’m excited and energized to serve as your Mayor.

Safety and security are our top priority. I’m proud of our Fire and Police Departments and will support our town to promote their services.

I encourage you to take a close look at our small town if you are relocating to our area.  Many new residents now call Stoneville their home, yet we still maintain our heritage and tradition of being a small town that is rooted in family values.

I’m looking forward to working with your Town Council to handle growth, yet keep our small town roots intact. We want to keep Stoneville a place where we are proud to call it our home.

I take pride in being the Mayor of Stoneville and will work daily to keep Stoneville a great place to live, visit, and shop.

Your Mayor,

Kathy Stanley-Galvan

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