Town of Stoneville, NC

Board of Adjustment / Planning Board

The Town of Stoneville is served by an eight member volunteer board composed of three active members who reside inside the town limits, three active members who reside outside of the town limits, one alternate outside resident and one alternate inside resident. When they meet as the Board of Adjustment their task is to decide on appeals arising from decisions of the Building Inspector and to consider requests for minor variances from provisions of the Stoneville Zoning Ordinance. When they meet as the Planning Board their job is to review plans, recommend zoning changes and perform any other duties as directed by the Stoneville Town Council. The Board meets on an as needed basis and their meetings are open to the public.

Inside Members Outside Members
Terry Evans Sherry Hancock-Chair
Joey Claybrook Betsy Davis
Carl Millner Tim Brown
Rabron Wiggins- Alternate Alternate –

Public Notices



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