Town of Stoneville, NC



The members of the Stoneville Police Department are a highly dedicated group of law enforcement professionals. SPD officers are certified through the state of North Carolina and adhere to the Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics. They are proud to serve as the “thin blue line” that keeps our community safe.

Chief Franklin Moore  

Stoneville Police Department Chief Franklin Moore

Captain Brandon Rivera 

Stoneville Police Department Captain Brandon Rivera

Reserve Program 

Stoneville Police Department reserve officers are paid sworn law enforcement officers committed to working at least one 12 hour shift per month. Reserve officers fill in for full-time staff and provide additional manpower for special events. Reserve officers are required to purchase their own equipment, but uniforms are provided. Being a reserve officer is a great way to maintain your North Carolina law enforcement officer certification while serving the community. If you are interested in becoming a reserve officer please contact Captain Brandon Rivera for more information.

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