Town of Stoneville, NC

Emergency Siren

The Stoneville Fire Department has an emergency siren to warn the public of tornadoes and imminent emergency vehicle traffic due to fire or medical emergencies.

Tornado Warning

The emergency siren is activated for a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service when:

  1. Radar indicates a tornado could develop within minutes; or
  2. Radar indicates a tornado has developed; or
  3. A tornado has been sighted.

When the emergency siren is activated due to a weather emergency the public will hear the siren emitting a constant tone. The public should seek immediate shelter and obtain further instructions from radio, television and other reliable media.

Fire and Medical Emergency Calls

When the emergency siren is activated for a fire or medical call the public will hear a repeated rise and fall in the tone of the siren. Be alert for responding emergency vehicles and prepare to yield right of way.

Monthly Test

The emergency siren is tested once a month on the first Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m. The siren will run approximately 1 minute.

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